These are links to YouTube videos and playlists on specific topics so you don't have to search for them.
This covers the basics of emergency preparedness, but not everything - I don't go into hunting, fishing,
bug out shelters, etc; just the basics. Many who are preppers or are just preparing for any kind of emergency
may not live in a location where hunting or fishing is an option. Some of these items below are play lists that
have several videos on a single topic or are in a series; they are indicated by the world Playlist. These
videos are mostly taken from the YouTube Channels I have on the main homepage. Some of these are for
those who prefer off grid living, but also apply to preppers as well. Hope this proves helpful.

  • Survival Bunkers

  • Food
  • What Food Storage Looks Like - 1 year, 1 person
  • Buying in Bulk
  • Honeyville Foods Tour
  • Food Storage - Stock Up Now
  • Meals In A Jar
  • Dehydrating Frozen Mixed Vegetables for Food Storage
  • Gardening on the Cheap (Playlist)
  • Back To Eden Gardening (Full Tour)
  • Survival Seed Bank (Playlist)
  • Wonder Mill Grinder
  • Food Bucket - ARK Deluxe 1 Month Supply With Gamma Lid 390 Total Servings
  • Food Bucket - 30 Day Food Storage Pail Augason Farms Review
  • Food Bucket - Chef's Banquet 1 Month Supply Unboxing

  • Water
  • Water Filter Review
  • Berkey Water Filter Extreme Testing
  • Rainwater Collection System (Playlist)
  • Water Planning Off Grid
  • Hot Water - Portable Tankless Water Heater
  • Water Bob - Emergency Drinking Water Storage

  • Power
  • Going Off Grid Step-by-Step (Playlist)
  • Living Off Grid, Debt Free
  • Do It Yourself Solar Panel System (Playlist)
  • Off Grid Solar - 2kw Array (Playlist)
  • Harbor Freight Solar Panels (Playlist)
  • How to get unlimited power after SHTF: Solar Generator (Kodiak)
  • Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station (240Wh)
  • Build Portable 420 watt Solar Generator
  • Goal Zero Yeti 400 - Unboxing and Review Demo
  • Homemade Faraday Cage (Playlist)

  • Heat
  • Firewood Series (Playlist)
  • Energy Options - Propane
  • Non-Electronic Pellet Stove

  • Cooking
  • Meals In A Jar Cooked in Solar Oven
  • Rocket Stoves (Playlist)
  • Survival Wood Stove

  • Laundry
  • Doing Laundry
  • Off Grid Laundry

  • Waste
  • Off Grid Sanitation
  • Poopy Subject - Disposal of Waste in SHFT
  • Homemade Composting Toilet
  • Off Grid Cabin - Composting Sawdust Toilet
  • Composting Toilet Pre-Made, The Cabin Can
  • The Big and Dirty Questions about Composting Toilets

  • Home/Self Protection/Security
  • Self Protection/Weapons
  • Preppers Home Invasion Security Defense: Hardening the House for SHTF
  • 7 Ways to Immediately Secure Your Neighborhood
  • Looters/Burglars and Securing Your Home

  • Communication
  • Survival Communications
  • Tecsun PL-380 Radio Review

  • Other
  • Spiritual Preparedness
  • Medical Trauma Bag
  • Medical Books You Should Own
  • Cheap Medical Supplies
  • Honeyville Foods YouTube Channel