A lot of preppers have a bunker or underground shelter of some type, either ordered from a manufacturer or home-made. If you want to go the route of having a bunker, I know of one vendor who seems good (I have not used them, but they have a ton of videos on their build and construction). Recently, with Coronavirus, he's seen his sales increase. The time to get a bunker is not during an event but before the event. I've provided a few videos below to just give an introduction to bunkers and the different kinds you can get.

A few of the Atlas Survival Shelters videos are below:

Other Preppers have fashioned their own bunkers, have gone the homemade route, or leveraged other methods to create a bunker. Below are a few examples:
  • WROL underground survival bunker - [Southern Prepper 1] "dug this out by hand many years ago so I could have a secure storage at a retreat location. Its 12x15 in the main room. It has 5 foot of dirt covering the main room. I store food and survival goods here. I am changing out the door and adding on to it. The cost was 0. The telephone poles where free. Blocks for floor came from mobile home mover that just wanted them removed from a site. I covered the whole structure with 3 large commerical tarps that where free, the guy was moving from the country to the city and didnt need them. So just alot of labor."
  • Advice for Preppers Burying Shipping Containers - "Okay, you bought a used shipping container, you’re going to dig a hole and bury it, all done right? I’m afraid not. As a matter of fact, you may have a disaster on your hands and you don’t even know it yet. What was meant to be an inexpensive alternative to buying a professionally made and installed emergency shelter could end up being a nightmare if you’re not careful"
  • The Psychology of Bunker Survival | Canadian Prepper - "Discussing surviving long term in a bunker/confined area on limited resources is discussed with a specific focus on its effect on the human mind."

Updated March 29, 2020
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