Long Ago Photos
This is a collection of different pictures from a long time ago. There are some real gems here, including pictures of Nanny, Uncle Jerry, Uncle William (Rita's brother) and just about everyone when they were younger.
Click on the thumbnail photos to see enlarged views of each picture.
Picture of Grandaddy's parents. This is the one that hangs on the wall in Nanny's house.
Picture of Norma when she was younger.
Alyssa as a little girl, asleep in the front room.
Nanny and Grandaddy's house. And we wonder whehre the big trees went to that used to have a tire swing hanging from the biggest one.
Picture of Alyssa and Ian when they were little kids.
One of the rare photos of Rita, Nanny and Alyssa.
Uncle Jerry with Nanny. We love them both dearly.
Aunt Martha - doesn't she look like she's ready to get a switch after someone?
Nanny with Alyssa when Alyssa was a baby.
Alyssa with Rita's old cat, Kika, who has since passed on.
Another shot of Alyssa with Kika. Daddy has to hold them both down to get a good shot because neither stay still naturally.
A long ago photo of Joanie with her husband John and their son Ian.
Danielle holding Ian upsidedown. I'm sure he deserved it, for whatever reason.
Ian and Alyssa in the pool - now isn't that the cutest thing you ever saw?
Rita feeding her cat Kika.
Norma and Dick's old house in Thousand Oaks, California.
Lake Lindero in California - Norma and Dick had a house right on the lake.
And this is that house - the one on the lake. I told you...
Rita and her brother William near the beach in San Diego. William has since left us, but his love remains.
Rita and Ricky in San Diego, when they were both much younger, but not wiser.
Rita and Roxanne. Who'd of thought that 30 years ago?
Belle, Joanie and Nanny for a girl pose. It happens.
The entire family posing at the reunion.
April and Alyssa being cute together.
Now their really being cute.
Now this is just too much. You'd think Alyssa owned April or something.
Good pose picture.
Alyssa in the mountains of NM.
Alyssa with Terry, Rita's sister.
Alyssa did something wonderful. Can't you tell.
Alyssa is busted - she's not supposed to be in Daddy's supplies.
Alyssa in her Life Saver costume.
This picture of Alyssa just says it all.
April and Alyssa with Santa.
April with her FRESH shirt on. Look at that hair...
April as a baby near the park.
Now April with her costume on.
Alyssa holding Boy cat when both of them were smaller and younger.
Daddy, Alyssa and April near a stream in the NM mountains.
Daddy holding his girls. Doesn't Alyssa look sad?
April, mama and teddy bear at the park.
Joanie with Dale and John in the "smoking zone" - the back porch of Ricky and Rita's house. It must be during a birthday party.
Ricky when he was a boy - wow, that was some time ago.
A really good shot of Rita at the park.
Rita and the girls at the grave site of Uncle William - he is missed very much.