Lincoln City, Oregon
These pictures were taken in Lincoln City, Oregon, which is on the Oregon Coast.
Click on the thumbnail photos to see enlarged views of each picture.
Driving to Lincoln City through the Oregon forest. It is one of the most beautiful drives you can take, next to driving along the Oregon Coastline.
The Pelican Shores Hotel in Lincoln City. It may not look like much, but it was a great place to stay. It was among only a few hotels that had close, beach side accommodations, along with a heated pool (kids have to have a heated pool), which you can see to the right.
Another shot of the pool and Rick's daughter going under the water. This quiet little hotel actually had a wonderful pool area.
Rick's other daughter April had to get in her pool time as well - I included this shot only because it caught April in a good non-pose shot for once.
This shot was taken from Rick's room, and makes for a good advertisement for the hotel as the beachside sign can be seen in the photo. You can see just how close the hotel is to the beach, and the view was totally radical (translated - very impressive).
This shot, again from the hotel room on the 2nd floor, shows the steps that lead down to the beach. The hotel advertises that it's only 49 steps to the beach, and when you see all the other hotels along the coast, 49 steps ain't all that bad.
Rick's family is headed down the steps to the sand. It was pretty cold, as you can tell by the crowds of people on the beach - not. Even though it was cold, and windy - very, very windy - it was wonderful to be there.
When low tide comes, which is early in the morning, rock formations will appear that are usually under water (or will be by early afternoon). Adhered to the rocks are clams - hundreds and hundreds of them.
Also at low tide are tide pools that have all kinds of cool stuff in them. Here can be seen some sea urchins.
The rocks shown here will soon be covered by water as the tide is coming in higher. April is looking around while she can.
A seagull is taking advantage of low tide.
The sun slowly setting in the west as it reflects off the Pacific.
Panoramic of the beach just west of Pelican Shores hotel. Off to the right is one of the larger hotels to stay. Even though it looks close to the beach, you have to walk around to get access.
Rick was playing around with his digital camera and caught this beautiful vertical panoramic of the sun, water and sand, capturing the inspiring view.
Alyssa is flying a kite, or at least trying to (her kite is just barely off the ground to the right). In the distance other's are flying a shark kite that is way up in the air. The wind was so fierce the cheap kite (like Rick bought) wouldn't even get off the ground, at least for very long. Lesson learned: if you fly a kite, buy a good one.
Another shot of the shark kite (way up in the sky) and the flounder kite (skimming the ground not knowing it is supposed to fly high in the sky).
Another shot of the beach as the sun heads towards the horizon.
The sun finally makes it to the horizon and sets, creating a beautiful end of the day scene.
This location is East of Lincoln City near the road. It's a rock formation in a bay where a small river lets out into a bay before hitting the ocean. One of the nicer hotels can be seen off to the right (but since it wasn't on the beach, we ruled it out).
Same rock formation, this time the kids are trying to climb up. Aren't vacations fun!
Turns out, Rick was the only one that climbed to the top, then decided to take a picture. The family below is just waiting for him to fall to this death. Also notice the water - who would want to fall in that stale stuff?
This is a MIGHTLY 360 degree panoramic. It's best viewed in a photo editor (like MS Photo Editor, or just using Internet Explorer), where you can see the entire vertical lenghth, then use the horizontal scroll bar to pan left and right in the view. It captures the essence of standing on the beach and looking all the way around. Alyssa is off to the right and in the middle is the Pelican Shores Inn. Okay, you can applause now.