Kids and Cats
These pictures are different shots of Alyssa and April mostly, with some of Rita and Aubrianna and all of our cats - Tassy, Boy and Candy.
Click on the thumbnail photos to see enlarged views of each picture.
Alyssa laying on her bed hugging her Candy Kitten. She and Candy love each other very much. In fact, Alyssa wakes up each morning with Candy in her arms (only because we put her there, however).
April and Alyssa in front of the Christmas Tree. This is one of the rare photos where they are both smiling and getting along. The rest of the time ... well ...
Alyssa had her 11th birthday party at the swimming pool, and here is April shivering after coming out of the water.
Alyssa holding and loving Rita's sister's cat, Angel.
Now Aubrianna is being held instead of the cat. April barely keeping her up.
Now we are at the cat section. Our only male cat, called Boy (his name is really Bandit, but we always just call him boy - how original, huh?) licking the newest cat member in the house, Candy Kitten.
Boy is such a big cat, but somehow he managed to stuff himself (literally) into the Cat Condo.
The cats and Alyssa's bed.
Boy taking a nap.
Candy sleeping in April's baby cradle for her dolls.
Tassy is the oldest cat, and the most skiddish.
Now, this is a real cat nap.