Foster Family Page
Rick spent from age 11 to age 19 at the Albuquerque Christian Children's Home where he met his "house parents" or foster parents, Les and Cynthia Foust. Aside from taking on the role of foster parents, we all became wonderful friends. It's hard to imagine Rick being where he is today without the love and support of the Fousts.
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Christmas 2001 where Rick, Rita, April and Alyssa spent the evening with the entire Foust family - and that's a lot. Here Cynthia, Caris and Les are posing in front of the Christmas tree.
At Rick and Rita's house, Les is looking at all the new gadgets Rick got for Christmas.
This photo was taken at Les' Mom and Dad's house. If it is not clear, Cynthia is trying to figure out how to work her new digital camera. Shez...amateurs...
This is an absolute wonderful shot of Cynthia and Caris.
Deona (Cynthia's daughter in-law, married to Colin) is with Cynthia and Caris.
Now Colin is in the picture as he poses with his wife, Deona. I hate to tell him he looks a lot like Les. :)
I took a chance and let Caris drive my Mustang (with adult supervision, as you can see) down the street and back. She seems happy.
The Fousts arriving at the McAlpins for Christmas gift exchange.
The kids are anxious to rip into their presents.
Alyssa is excited as she receives a wonderful present from Cynthia - a real guitar. This is especially wonderful because it was the guitar that Cynthia had growing up, so it means a great deal that it is being given to Alyssa.
Alyssa is ready to play - but someone needs to tell her to use both hands. It's just too hard with one.
April getting to her gift - she is the one who loves gifts, especially when they come often and are very expensive. I can just see the teenage years now.
A great shot of Caris and Les. Les doesn't necessarily hate to have his photo taken, and he is really typically indifferent to the matter - or to any matter for that matter - but he did a good job here.