Marcy and Dale 50th Anniversary
Rita's parents 50th Anniversary happened in 2003.
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The family met at Landry's Seafood Restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was either that or McDonalds (which is what the girls wanted).
In the tradition of a couple being married 50 years, Marcy still helps Dale get dressed.
A good shot at the table, with Dale to the far left sitting next to Lola and Bill (Dale's brother), then Rita and April, with Alyssa taking up the front part of the photo.
April sitting at the table wondering where her food is.
April showing off her earrings to her grandparents.
Alyssa being impatient as the food is delayed because David and Mary haven't shown up yet. I'm not saying this is typical, but...
This was just too cute of a shot to leave out.
Another shot of the family together. You don't see this every day.
Now a shot with the grand kids and even great grand kids.
The sisters together and getting along. A really good picture.
A good shot of the anniversary couple sitting on a park bench.