Main Family Photo Page
These pictures are of regular family photos taken around the house, in swimming pools, or just anywhere. This gives sort of a snap shot of our lives.
Click on the thumbnail photos to see enlarged views of each picture.
The family visiting Grandma Norma and seeing Frank and Terri and their new baby in Bastrop, Louisiana.
Rita and the kids with Belle and Don at the new house in Bastrop, Louisiana.
Rita and the family in front of Black Angus Restaurant one Sunday afternoon.
Alyssa posing for the camera with her hair down for once.
April posing for the camera like she does many times a week. She's a pro.
A photo of Frank and Terri's house in Benton, Louisiana. We went out there and stayed over night. The picture is taken from the lake that runs up to their back yard.
This was at a hotel in Farmington, NM, with April posing for a photo even in the swimming pool.
Alyssa is just getting in (or out) of the Jacuzzi.
A rare image of the girls hugging - actually, April is more clinging to Alyssa, her big sister.
Panoramic of the pool in Farmington hotel.
This is a Panoramic of a middle school band concert that Alyssa participated in; Alyssa is the one on the far left. She plays the trumpet. Can't you see her?
Alyssa showing off her locker at school, especially the letters spelling her name down the side.
Dolly (Rita's neice) and her family.
A wonderful family picture (Daddy, of course, is behind the camera).
Good shot of Grandma Norma with Aubrianna and Danielle.
Now the girls are hugging mama, probably on Mother's Day.
A really great photo of Rita's mother, Marcy. For someone who hates having her photo taken, it looks really good.
An unexpected shot, and one that has Daddy Rick as well as Rita.