Danielle, Paul and Aubrianna
Danielle is Joanie's daughter and she is married to Paul (or Paulee). They have a little girl, Aubrianna, and another child "on the way".
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A good pose of the young couple, Danielle and Paul (or rather, Paulee). There actually is a photo in existance of him smiling. I think it is down below perhaps.
Paul, Danielle and Grandma Norma in the kitchen of Danielle's house.
Danielle caught in a silly pose as she is holding up the cat's water dish. Makes you wonder what's on her mind.
A somewhat good side shot of Aubrianna.
Another shot of the three generations.
Aubrianna getting a quick taste of her cake at her 2nd Birthday Party.
Danielle with Aubrianna as Aubrianna tries for another taste of cake.
Paulee with Aubrianna while she manages to finally use a fork to eat her Birthday cake.
Even more presents.
Ian (Joanie's son) with Alyssa. We're still waiting for Ian to outgrow the gang look with the hat, earring, loose clothes, partial facial hair and the slouch expression. I'm not sure - is holding a Thurst Buster a gang thing?
Shot of the cake and presents before they are ripped into.
Paulee with his family (mother, father, sisters and so on) in Florida. Paulee and his family are originally from the Dominican Republic.
Danielle and Paulee with his parents and Aubrianna.
Paulee with his sisters - this is the shot where you see he can actually smile. This may be it, however.
Another shot of Paulee with his sisters.
A really good pose of Danielle, Aubrianna and Paulee.
Same pose as above, just black and white. Actually, they have a new term for it now - "antique".