Meteor Crater, March 2002
These were photos that Rick and his family took after the face to face at the Grand Canyon in 2002. They drove back to Albuquerque and stopped off at Meteor Crater (roughly translated, big hole in the ground). Located in Arizona, this is also where the movie StarMan was filmed. One of the pictures below shows Army helicopters on maneuvers above the crater. It looked really cool when they flew over because there was a scene in StarMan much like that. It was really spooky.
Click on the thumbnail photos to see enlarged views of each picture.
Panoramic view of Meteor Crater just outside of Winslow, AZ. This is a wide view of the entire crater, and Rick's wife taking a picture of it off to the side.
Another single-frame wide view of the crater.
Far-off view of the crater.
Picture of the bottom of the crater.
Military helicopters flying over the crater, much like a scene from the movie StarMan, which was filmed partially at Meteor Crater.
Military helicopters flying away from the crater.
Picture of Rick's daughters, Alyssa and April, sitting near the wall of the crater.