Oregon Coastal Communities
These pictures were taken driving back from Lincoln City to Portland. There are a lot of small communities along the Oregon Coast.
Click on the thumbnail photos to see enlarged views of each picture.
The first community to drive to was Oceanside. It's very out of the way and somewhat backward - there is not much to do, only small bed and breakfasts, hardly or no place to really eat out - so it's for those who want that away-from-civilization experience.
A nice panoramic of the beach at Oceanside near the side of the road.
This is a vertical panoramic of Oceanside the community, and as you can clearly see, there isn't much in the way of accommodations - or even parking for that matter. It's odd, but when you drive through the small community, it is over crowded and the streets are narrow. Just getting out can be a chore. Notice the yellow house in the middle of the photo here.
Remember the yellow house from the previous photograph? This is a shot from the other side with the Ocean in the background. This was the best house in town, and as you can see, it would probably be great living here - except for all the traffic.
Similar to the panoramic before, this one is a wider shot of the beach from Oceanside.
A nice Oceanside beach shot.
Having left Oceanside, back on the road again. This was an exceptionally good shot as we drove though a canopy of trees.
As we drove along, we encountered a massive fog bank rolling in from the Ocean. This was on the way to Pacific City.
With Pacific City off in the distance, the fog looks like a hand coming out from the sea. Very Stephen King-ish.
On the beach at Pacific City, the fog is moving fast over the hill in the distance. Of course, you can't see the movement here, unless you jiggle your horizontal scroll bar left and right real fast.
Capturing fog up in the sky. Okay, so you can't tell very much from the photo, but it sure does look artsy.
On the beach at Pacific City and you can tell the fog is actually getting thicker as it rolls in from the water. The truth is, it really was a strange feeling and, at the same time, very cool.
On the beach at Pacific City and you can tell the fog is actually getting thicker as it rolls in from the water. The truth is, it really was a strange feeling and, at the same time, very cool (or, as our Summer Intern - Geoff Maddox - from Stanford University would say - very dope).
Another wonderful 180 degree panoramic (how does Rick do it?) that captures the entire beach at Pacific City. And caught on camera is Rick's beautiful wife of 21 years, Rita.
Another experimental vertical panoramic, taking it to the limits of technology (in a very amateur sense). Right in the middle of the photo is Rick's daughter Alyssa walking toward the Ocean. The photo captures the expanse of sky, ocean and beach.
(Note: And I can't keep typing any longer to fill up this big empty box, so I will stop.)
Another shot of the fog drifting over the rise. This unique aspect of this shot is you can get a feel for the size of the mountain as you can see people trying to climb up the massive sand dune.
We left Pacific City and made our way to Seaside. There is a small canal (or perhaps mote) that goes around Seaside. Seaside was the most touristy place we visited in Oregon - the streets were packed with people, and small shops and places to eat line every sidewalk.
Once you drove down the main street of Seaside (which is teaming with tourists), you get to a circle drive with a big sign claiming it to be Seaside and a monument to Lewis and Clark. This is apparently as far as they went on their quest in discovering the West.
This was just a terrific photo-op as Rick's family combs the beach at Seaside. The building clouds over the water and the reflection off the wet sand made the experience very surreal.
Photo-op #2 as the kids get further out to sea.
The traditional mega-panoramic photo of the beach.
Okay - big change from beach to cheese factory, but here it is. Driving away from the beach you finally hit Tillamook where they have Tillamook Cheese. To the right is a restaurant that serves visitors to the factory.